A Panda Walks Into A Bar…

Blog Challenge Day 8: Biggest Pet Peeve

Hands down, the answer to this one is Bad Grammar. This barely requires a real blog post, I just hate bad grammar.

Let’s boil this down to a list of very commonplace mistakes that people make when it comes to the english language.

  1.  To and Too:
    -“I’m going to the store”
    -“I’ve had too much to eat.”
  2. Then and Than:
    -“I’m going to play softball, then I’m going to watch a movie.”
    -“I’m older than my sister.”
  3. Their, There, and They’re:
    – “Their dog has fleas.”
    -“There are my shoes!”
    -“They’re going to Hawaii for Christmas!”
  4. We’re and Were:
    -“We’re participating in NANOWRIMO.”
    -“We were introduced last August.”

Truly. It’s not that difficult.


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