With Meaning, Purpose and Intention

Blog Challenge Day 7: What is your Dream Job?

This prompt, like so many of the others, ought to elicit a rapid response and yet I’m floundering for a solid answer. The Job of My Dreams has changed ten times over with the passage of time. When I was four, I wanted to be a nurse. When I was eight, I dreamed of designing one of the most popular clothing lines and hosting my own show at fashion week, when I was ten I decided to be a psychiatrist, when I was thirteen I returned to nursing; when I was sixteen, anthropology seemed like the perfect career choice. Nowadays, my focus falls on the realm of international development, but for most of my college career I couldn’t decide which field within development called to me the most. Lately, with my rediscovery of feminism , I feel called towards Women Empowerment.  I’m exceedingly disturbed by the gender discrimination globally, the fact that there are — at any given moment — 100 million missing women in the world, or the fact that in developing countries (like El Salvador) the court of law sees no distinction between Prohibited Abortion and Natural Miscarriage, etc. I want to be an advocate for marginalized populations, I want to help these women and girls gain respect and power within their own communities.

I want to enact a change in the world.

I crave a career path with meaning.

But that doesn’t really help me define my exact Dream Job.

I like to think that this is really just fine, I won’t know where, exactly, I should work or what I should do until I dive in and find out where, exactly, my natural gifts fit. But I suppose, for the sake of answering the prompt succinctly, I can give you a short list of qualities that I believe my ideal position would entail.

  1. An objective which contributes to the well-being, even an enhancement in the quality of life possessed by marginalized communities.
  2. Responsibilities which require me to step away from my desk rather than chaining myself to it.
  3. Assignments and tasks which will consistently challenge me to grow as an individual and expand my perspective.

Because it’s never enough to simply live: You have to live with regard for the rest of humanity. You must contribute to the betterment of this increasingly global society which we find ourselves affixed to. You must at least try to do something remarkable with the life you have freely been granted.


The Next Chapter

“You have ordinary moments and ordinary moments and more ordinary moments, and then, suddenly, there is something monumental right there. You have past and future colliding in the present, your own personal Big Bang, and nothing will ever be the same.” 

— Deb Caletti (Stay)

Four months ago, I visited my best friend, M, in Vermont. We drove all over the state antiquing, hiking, and reminisced about high school and our camping trip to Prince Edward Island and these amazing cupcakes we got in DC two years ago. We drove to Boston and made a spontaneous trip to Cape Cod and slept in the car. We vegged out on Portuguese Sweetbread and Seafood and chilled on the beach and we made plans for our next big trip, we dreamed about the men we would marry, the careers paths we would blaze. 

Three months ago, I got a call from M that she had met a boy and sure, it was long-distance but she really thought it was the real deal.

Yesterday, I skyped M and we talked about her wedding next June. And just like that, all of her grandiose plans for the future have changed. She’ll never move to a big city, all on her own, and make it hers. Our next trip will be less spontaneous, a little less whimsical and instead of dreaming of what her future husband will look like, she’ll be imagining what their children will look like…and these aren’t bad things. I realize that, but I’m mourning- a bit- for those plans we had and those conversations we’ll never revisit. 



I can’t convey how happy I am for her. This future husband of hers- he’s truly a great guy and I know he’ll take care of her and treat her the way she deserves and what more could you want for your best friend? But growing up has never felt so real. Graduating college…that was anticipated, planned, expected. Meeting your husband and planning a wedding only three months later? That’s Growing Up because what inevitably comes next? A mortgage, a career, kids?

The future we always dreamed about, it’s finally really happening for her and it’s so sudden, such a swift shift of direction it took my breath away. I’ve never felt so keenly that I’m leaving my childhood behind- that we all are. And it’s never felt so scary.