A Micro-Rant About The Music Industry & A Playlist

Blog Challenge Day 13: What’s On Your Ipod?

To be honest, I’ve got about 1,000 songs on my iPod and another 5,000 stored on my computer.  I love music, the way it can make me feel or how easy it is to identify with lyrics written by a complete stranger. It’s one of the greatest human experiences- finding music that you can connect with. I’m such a snob about “mainstream” radio music- how someone else determines the image and sound of this random person with a decent voice and suddenly everyone is buying that album of this predetermined and manufactured “artist.” I know there are bands who make it big and who struggled for years to become the sensation that they are, who maintain most autonomy over the sound they create, but more and more that feels like the minority.

So, what’s on my iPod? I’ll give you a list. Listen and Enjoy.

Laura’s Top 10 Songs of the Moment (In No Particular Order Because They’re All Brilliant)

  1.   Afterlife — Arcade Fire — Reflektor

  2. Will Calls (Marfa Demo) — Grizzly Bear — Shields: B Sides

  3. Pompeii — Bastille — Bad Blood

  4. Wasting My Young Years — London Grammar — If You Wait

  5. All I Want — Kodaline — One Day

  6. Instant Crush — Daft Punk — Random Access Memories

  7. Lies — CHVRCHES — The Bones of What You Believe

  8. Until We Get There — Lucius — Wildewoman

  9. Comrade — Volcano Choir — Repave

  10. Do I Wanna Know? — Arctic Monkeys —  AM